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This page or pages will have my reviews and comments on other free Sci-fi available on line. Many sites allow reviews of some form, but many do not and many of those that do are full of friends and family reviews that do not give a true picture of what the work is about. None of the sites I've found make it as easy to leave a review as this one does, all others make you sign in at the very least.

Most of these titles were from back when that site had links to general reading. Those links are now here on this site. I will only be reviewing those that I think are worth reading, and there are several things I use to make that determination. The first is the description of the book. I have no interest what so ever in body count. Excessive, senseless violence turns me off. If the description emphasizes violence, it is quite likely I will not read it or review it. I prefer sci-fi with an element of mystery and at least a dash of romance, but most importantly, with something to say. To do my reading, I download the file to a very early model Nook tablet and wireless service is spotty in the remote forest where I live so stories which exist only as html files on line are not going to be reviewed. I am also done reviewing stories published only in PDF format that do not resize properly. It is trivially easy to make PDF that reads on a tablet without resizing, just set the font size to 24 or 22 (depending on the font). In most cases you don't even have to do that, most PDF's can be resized by the standard adobe software that is in most tablets. But there are some which refuse to resize or have pages or sections of pages that don't resize. I'm guessing that is a problem with Microsoft Word. I have not seen it happen with PDF's made with either Wordperfect or Open Office. Since it costs about $10 to print out a full length novel at home, I do not print them out.

The reviews are in alphabetical order by title, like they were on free-online-novels, and like they are here now. Beware that these reviews are my opinion only. I hope this page helps you find fun and meaningful reading out there among the thousands of titles available.

The star ratings are of five. One star would be something I couldn't finish, five stars is the equivalent of a classic Hugo winner such as Dune or Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Several of the latest Hugo winners would be four at best. The only five star I've given as of Oct. 2014 is 'A Vessel for Offering' by Darren R. Hawkins. The other ratings are out of ten, equivalent to what's on the 'stories' page of this website. The 'prose' rating is how well the language is used and how well it is proofread. Most paid, professional paperbacks would get a 9. I give myself an 8 because of the Swamp Yankee dialect and lack of a professional proofreader. My own stories will be used for comparison, as well as well-known classics.

I welcome guest reviewers. As of now I'm still using 1995 HTML to implement this page, so send them to me as plain text. Just typing them in an e-mail is fine. I will publish any that I receive except those advocating hate or the enslavement or mistreatment of any group of people. I will publish guest reviews of stories too violent for me to read or published only as on-line HTML. I will note them as being from a guest reviewer, but they may be anonymous. I will not publish any links back to you unless you ask me to. I will publish reviews of or comments on your own work and links to your website or web page if you request it.

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