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This page will list all the stories, in any format, from the Lee Willard collection. They are listed in the order of the time they occurred.

Please note that page count is for paperback pages and not the page count for tablet and phone sized ebook pages.

Note that on the pages for each book, clicking on the cover picture will bring up the back cover and a little more info about the story.

Many of these stories have been picked up by other sites. Some sites link thru to the version hosted here, some pull a version from here and re-host. I don't mind that as they are all free anyway, but beware that some of the stories have been updated either in format, proofreading errors or in other parts of the text since they 'went viral'. The versions on '' will be out of date as they now charge an upload fee. You can only be sure of getting the latest and greatest version here at this site or at Smashwords if that story has already been moved over.

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Wizard Run
In an age when Wizards are hated and feared, an aged miller and his lovely daughter are accused and must flee for their lives. A peasant boy aides them, but finds he must face more than just the king's army.
Era - 744bc sex=4 action=7 127p
The Press at Honaseka
When the wealthy stay young and the poor age and die, many will resent it, even though their preachers tell them living on is a sin. But when the poor can no longer have children to care for them in their old age, trouble follows.
Era - 11-51ad sex=7 action=5 485p
Pieces of Me
Taron has enhanced memory and can remember all seven times she had been with Deneb, he does not and can barely remember any of the last time. But neither can remember a secret they share that puts them in danger today.
Era - 457bc-941ad sex=6 action=7 217p
The Secret of Mount Traygol
When FiveCircleUp was younger, the new god Pronna brought helpers to the Kedas to help them serve the god. The humans proved to be everything Pronna promised and more. Even so, he was determined to have the god take them back.
Era - 1911ad-2011ad sex=4 action=5 223p
The Jumper
Ninety two year old Malcolm Whitcomb is on his way to buy his wife a birthday present when a beautiful girl runs up behind him and taps him on the shoulder, turning him into her and cutting him off from his life. His body continues on and gets killed so now has no choise but to try to learn her life.
Era - 2017ad. sex=3 adventure=7 135p
From the Heartland
In 2268 the USA has become a utopia of small towns and big farms, crew cuts and mid-calf skirts. All Darryl has to do to participate is pass his Manhood tests.
Era - 2268ad sex=2 action=1 221p
The Second Expedition - Yoonbarla, Lhar, Zhlindu
In the 1960's, a new culture burst upon the Earth, throwing society into upheavals that took generations of harsh repression to quell. Now, three hundred years later, an expedition from a civilization of silicon-simulated Angels finds the planet that culture came from.
Era - 2267-2319ad. sex=5 adventure=7 1304p
Love in Exile
Centuries from home on a world where everyone is young and beautiful and keep lists of frequent sex partners, two refugees from distant Earth try to find an island of normalcy in a vastly alien culture.
Era - 2332-2343ad sex=8 romance=6 367p
Tangle in the Dark
Gordon's Lamp returns to Sol to find the system embroiled in war. They are diverted to the Kuiper belt to try and find the doomsday device that is destroying all simulated humans in the solar system, but find much more than a simple enemy weapon.
Era - 2384ad sex=6 suspense=8 379p
The Tdeshi Quest
A lifetime ago, Jorma's best friend's daughter left his cabin, bound for the Yakhan, and was soon taken by a mind-erasing drug. Now she's back in town with an interest in her 'clone mother' and claiming to be an important sorceress at the mighty Kassikan. It is his guilt that overcomes his fear, and he sets out with her to investigate Tdeshi's death, one that may have involved foul play.
Era - 2424ad sex=5 mystery=7 423p
The Aluminum Quest
In this sweeping sequel to the Tdeshi Quest, Jorma and Venna's idyllic life in Sinbara is interrupted by Ava's search for some important papers she left in that house, papers that may be all that stands between Kassidor and extermination by a giant asteroid.
Era - 2420 - 2424ad sex = 6 mystery = 7 515p
A Conssitahb
Klowa is called to the mansions above Zhlindu to investigate false documents and finds he must work his way thru ancient Troll customs and a bevy of lusty women to a most uncomfortable conclusion.
Era - 3029ad. sex=7 adventure=4 325p
The Further Adventures of Desa
There have been more adventures in Desa's life than meeting a man from the stars. Here in one volume are three of them, including one that made the wilds of the Lhar seem like a pleasant camping trip.
Era - 2026-3039ad. sex=5 adventure=8 493p
The Sex Slaves of Borlunth
Dorrick's new field assignment is to take a scientist to a distant city on the primitive planet Kassidor, recently opened to the tube system. It should be easy because the planet is peaceful. He never worried about the wildlife, the Goblins, the Orcs, the tribesmen or the automated weapons brought by a rival expedition.
Era - 3818ad. sex=8 action=7 456p
The Foeth Hunter
While reporting on the great swamp city of Trenst, Dorrick is charged with finding more personal interest in his travelogs from Kassidor so he sets out to film a hunter of one of the swamp's deadliest creatures. In the process he falls victim to a much greater danger than the flesh ripping creatures of the wilds.
Era - 3819ad. sex=6 action=7 154p
Dorrick is determined to find the geneticist who created loon and find some way to punish him for what he's done. Unfortunately he has gone to work for the most powerful and sinister wizard on the planet. In spite of that Dorrick presses on.
Era - 3821ad. sex=5 action=5 123p
The Girl on the Crystal Tower
When Dorrick sees the city of Bordzvek, he thinks Centorin should have put the stargate here. When he meets a troubled girl from that city, he feels like he is comforting a stressed out working girl from back home. He finds that her problems are not all in her head, and that leads them to the secret behind the crystal city.
Era - 3823ad. sex=4 humor=6 206p
Wild World
Their only chance to save their Wild World video feed was to return video from the East Bordzvek Basin, from which no one had ever returned alive. It was stupid to do so, but Dorrick was convinced it was the only way to save Honshu from her loon addiction.
Era - 3825ad. sex=4 adventure=9 122p
The Knidola basin seemed like a perfect place for TongSu to finish recuperating from the east basin trip, but when a nude girl boat band has their boat stolen it sends Dorrick and TongSu on their sexiest adventure.
Era - 3826ad. sex=8 adventure=4 183p
Dark Resurrection
With an assist from Centorin science and Dorrick and TongSu, the Kassikan attempts to retrieve the last of Feanor's Crystals in this fan fiction based on Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.
Era - 3827ad. sex=6 action=7 135p
Mission Alpha
Dinner in Kex with a couple old friends turns out to be a lot more than Dorrick and TongSu had in mind when a Senator is assassinated and they take the blame for it. The whole Centorin military comes out after them, and a force even more dangerous than that.
Era - 3828ad. sex = 1 action = 9 120p
The Aldeb Wars
Mankind is engaged in a war of extermination with a species of interstellar life that is so alien that neither species can communicate with the other. The war will be waged over many centuries and light years. The front will be in archelogical digs, labs and courtrooms as well as the halls of power and depths of space.
Era - 4108-4517ad. sex=3 action=8 391p
Vermin Rising
Gordon's Lamp is ready to sow the last of their seed among the stars, but the system they enter contains a stone giant with too much gravity for human habitation, and a microplanet only forty miles in diameter. The microplanet can only be a construct of a very advanced civilization, but it uses a communication protocol from a crewman's great hack of their first study planet.
Era - 5880-5881ad. sex=4 action=6 342p
The old republic is being swept away and in the turmoil, many of the displaced are coming to the Ydlontrostl Basin of Kassidor. Not all come to escape, some come to bring Empire ways with them, some have been waiting centuries for this day.
Era - 5881ad. sex=4 action=8 328p
The Temple of Karasis is the most important social institution in the Ydlontrostl Basin. Corruption in the Temple would be devastating, but that seems to be the case when Dyoniss is called to investigate a murder in the ancient Karasis Yuhal.
Era - 5959ad. sex=5 action=7 247p
It was supposed to be a book, a movie, a piece of entertainment. For such a thing to be real would be unthinkable. But laboratory analysis shows that the cinema company has made the zombie apocalypse real so they could make a documentary of it.
Era - 6011ad. sex=4 action=8 237p
On the Horizon
In this short novel we examine the conflict between the teachings of Jesus on sexuality and the requirements for Variety caused by the Species Immunity Complex and one woman's research and soul searching devoted on the subject.
Era - 9211-9212ad. sex=5 action=2 55p

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