Reviews of Free Sci-fi - Y

Reviews of free sci-fi with titles beginning with Y

Yvala Restirred – Cathan L. Moore

** sex = 0, action = 4, prose = 7

A short fantasy story in a universe where the roles of men and woman have largely been flipped. There is actually nothing in the story that depends on the roles being flipped and the story has very little to say about the reversed roles. It is about going to a moon of Jupiter which is covered by dense jungle in search of sirens to use as slaves. It does not go according to plan. There are echoes of Jesus in what they find, but it is labeled as being Circe of Greek myth.

It is pure fantasy in the sense that no reason for Jupiter to have a moon covered by dense jungle is ever mentioned. Their adventures on that moon also seem to be pure fantasy or, at best, some kind of hallucination. While an attempt was made to be poetic with the prose, it really doesn't work.

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