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My Own Kind of Freedom – Steven Brust

*** Sex = 1, action = 6, Prose = 9

This is from the 'Firefly' television series from a few years ago. I don't think it is an episode that actually made it onto the air, if so it was not one that I have seen. It is very much an episode in the series with the same characters, a similar world, the same atmosphere and mannerisms. It could very well be that Steven Brust was a writer for the series. The series was pretty good fun in spite of making every planet in the universe look like the desert just outside L.A. That was for bugetary reasons of course. (Imagine what it would cost to make a movie of Zhlindu for instance.)

The story reads like a novel, not a screenplay and is well written. The prose and proofreading are excellent. The characters are pretty true to what they were in the series and are at least as well developed as the actors were able to interpret them in the show. This story is a bit more meaningful than the average episode in the series, and has a little less violence. There are no silly fist fights, which I thought were the main drawback to that series and of course Star Trek. It must have been hell for the writers to try and figure a way to work multiple fist fights into every episode. This story uses the same comic-book science and engineering as the series, but it is not central to the plot and doesn't get in the way of enjoying the story.

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