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Reviews of free sci-fi with titles beginning with U

Unhaunting the Hours – Peter Sargeant

** sex = 1, action = 5, prose = 7

A short story about a former addict, son of a single mother who was also an addict. He became a 'wire' addict in getting off the drug, that is, an addict to virual reality and a member of a cult of wire addicts. He's recently gotten off that also, but the cult still pursues him. As he's trying to start a new life, and not doing very well at it, he finds himself in trouble because he has a clone that is a serial kiler. The cops try and use him to get to the serial killer but a rogue cop complicates matters.

The story is rather confusing, the world it's in rather clautrophobic. The only sex is his wishes for a girl he stalks. There is some crime drama violence and no particular message.

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