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Wild World
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Dorrick convinced himself this expedition was all about bringing Honshu back to life. He wouldn't admit to himself that his own boredom might have had something to do with it. Even more, he couldn't face the fact that Honshu was sure she had nothing more to gain from life and was using this expedition as a means to insure her own demise. She made sure she would die by using up her supply of loon when she knew that withdrawal would kill her when it ran out. Dorrick's guilt because he believed that he had caused her to do this was crushing.

In their most difficult and dangerous adventure to date, the three of them must face unending attacks from the deadly creatures out of Hell time and time again. At the same time they must face their own internal demons, and an unknown group of people out of these steaming jungles who's agenda might not be the same as their own.

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