Front cover of science fiction story.

Wild World

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The East Bordzvek basin is known thruout Kassidor as a place of certain death. It is too hot for human life, the ground is too rugged and broken to traverse, but most of all, the wildlife is too deadly for even the most heavily armed expeditions to survive. Only the fringes of the basin had been seen, other than that, unmanned balloons and orbital vehicles were the only things that had ever seen it.

Honshu is falling back into her addiction, uninterested in anything else of life, but without enough of a supply to last until more can be procured. Only an intensive rehabilitation campaign can save her from it at this point. Dorrick is sure it is the loss of the Wild World video feed that was making her give up on life, but the only way to save that show is to film in the East Basin.

TongSu is tired of sharing Dorrick with Honshu, especially now that Honshu is claiming more and more of his attention as she sinks deeper into the clutches of the drug. She knows it is suicide to go there, but hopes it will end the problems with Honshu once and for all. All she has to do is find a way to keep them all alive.

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