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The Sex Slaves of Borlunth
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Warning: Adult content.

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This volume contains the first three episodes of the Dorrick and TongSu series, all concerning Dorrick's first assignment on the planet Kassidor. His job was securing transportation and logistics for an expedition to the distant city of Borlunth. It should have been simple but he was not at all prepared for the distance to be traveled on just one planet. None of them were prepared for the depths of the history they would encounter, or the different cultures. All they really knew was the Highland Elves, not the Goblins, Orcs or tribesmen they would encounter on the incredibly long journey.

The story features the different aspects of sexuality in Kassidorian societies, how they differ from the human norm and how those differences affect the lives of the people. In here we see that the wizard's modification to human nature is not always complete and can have many unintended consequences.

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