Front cover of science fiction adventure story.

The Sex Slaves of Borlunth

Warning: Adult content.

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In 3818 the stargate has only recently opened to the world of Kassidor and people from other worlds can now reach this huge and ancient world. Many are curious about the ancient sex slavers of the Borlunth basin because they seem so uncharacteristic of the peaceful and pastoral world of Kassidor. Two different expeditions are launched in search of it and the eccentric professor who made it famous.

Both expeditions claim they are bound for Borlunth for study, but they both have hidden agendas that include returning artifacts for black market sales, and both have contraband that the professor is informed of. The professor has no intention of selling any artifacts and depends on the Instinct for protection. But the Instinct works only on the human mind and not on the circuitry of automated weapons.

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