Back cover of science story about the rise of civilization

Vermin Rising
(Back Cover)

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Humans are known as 'vermin' by the Pronna. Sentient, cute, capable of being domesticated but never considered capable of rising much more than that. Then they find humans in the wild building their own starships and even using singularities to create wormholes. They find them using devices to overcome their mental shortcomings so they can accomplish things their unaided minds are not capable of. Since the ancient worldship of Mon is about to be abandoned anyway, maybe the humans are capable of inheriting it and learning to operate it after all.

In here were recap the history of human civilization, from brute savagery to the conquest of interstellar space. We see what leadership it takes to bring them up, and what leadership it takes to hold them down. Thru it all we see people trapped in their own worldview and how they are held back because of it. If they don't know what is real, they can't tell how this future civilization will fare, just like we can't know how our own will fare when we no longer know what's real.

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