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The Jumper

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Malcolm Whitcomb has lived a full life. He's ninety two years old and on his way to buy his younger wife a present for her eighty nineth birthday. But as he is walking to the bus stop a gorgeous Latina runs up behind him and tags him on the shoulder, causing him to fall at the feet of an acquaintance he is aproaching on the sidewalk. As he gets up, he finds himself to be that girl, and soon finds he can no longer recover anything of his previous life.

His attempts to recover his life soon lead him to trouble with the law, trouble that gets worse when he finds that an important federal agent may have jumped from that girl's balcony. He has no memories of how that agent fell to his death right outside her apartment, no memories of how to do her job, no memories of the family the girl was aparently quarreling with, no memories of her boyfriend who may have been using her apartment for illegal activities and no memories of the friends who might be his only hope in this new life.

As difficult as it may be for a ninety two year old man to take over the complicated life of a twenty six year old psychiatric nurse, he finds his only choice is to become that girl or spend the remainder of his life in an institution, either mental, correctional or both.

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