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This page lists the changes and additions to this site with the most recent first. Changes more than two years old are not listed.

May 31, 2021
All stories of the Gordon's Lamp series have been ported over to Smashwords. In order to avoid being a total parasite on an organization that is trying to help independent authors, they are all priced at 2.99 for the present time. All others will remain free. Smashwords makes nothing from free books.
Mar. 26, 2021
Today begins the migration of these stories to Smashwords, starting with On the Horizon mainly because it was simple. Over the next two years most of the collection will move there. Because that site is supported by a portion of sales, some of these stories will have to stop being free at some point.
Aug. 26, 2020
Corrected some errors in the history of Trenst.
Jun. 19, 2020
A short novel exploring the thinking of one woman confronted with the dilemma of Christianity on a planet where the Species Immunity Complex keeps people young, On the Horizon, is now on the air.
May 30, 2020
Today we release what will probably be the second to last major story of Kassidor, The Press at Honaseka. This is a story of how the transition from ephemeral to eternal life was made in one of the most primitive regions of Kassidor.
Oct. 5, 2019
Two new short novels at once. The Jumper, a story set in the here and now about transferring the soul of a ninety two year old man into the body of a twenty six year old woman and the difficulties that causes him. The other is Loonmaster, a Dorrick and TongSu episode where Dorrick tries to find and punish the creator of loon. Also fixed the double cover picture in Antidote.
Aug. 12, 2019
To make them easier to find, The Second Expedition title now contains the names of the three novels that make it up.

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