Back cover of science fiction adventure story

Wizard Run
(Back Cover)

Paperback is included in 'Lhar' of 'The Second Expedition'

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This was once a part of The Second Expedition. It is the story of Luray's greatest adventure that she tells to her fellow passengers while voyaging down the Lhar. This is the way she wrote it down and not the way she narrated it on the Lhar, because that was full of 'Wait, I forgot to tell you about...' and interruptions to tend sail.

This takes place in the Troubled Times, an era about which much has been written, but most of it has been written as fantasy. In this there is no magic, though the science that drives the miracles in this has been lost to mankind of the time.

This has echos in today's age, because we humans are on the brink of losing our own science, both to machines and to these same forces of ignorance and fear. In that sense it is still a part of The Second Expedition, because it speaks to the same danger and it happens in the same locale. It opens a window into Kassidor before the Instinct and because of that has violent scenes that could not occur on Kassidor today.

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