Front cover of science fiction adventure story.

Wizard Run

Paperback is included in 'Lhar' of 'The Second Expedition'

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At the harvest festival, Luray reluctantly leaves her aged father to celebrate with the most enticing man their village has to offer. After they consumate that celebration, and her father stops to tell her he's heading home, an old man recognizes them from a village in their past, a generation ago. All their attempts to deny their secret fail, and by the light of dawn they are tied to the stake to be burned as wizards.

Wizardry and the possession of ancient knowledge are the greatest crimes in this place and time. The peasants fear the legends of the wars of magic. They fear the unstoppable weapons, the monsters and all the powers possessed by the Elves of old. Jealousy helps inflame their fear, for the legends say that wizards live forever and can transform themselves to monsters. They turn youths to cowards and turn maidens into whores. But it's not just the simple peasants that they must fear. The king himself wants ancient treasure and will send his whole army to find it, even though they know nothing of what they're dealing with.

Their only hope is a simple farm boy, one who hungers for knowledge, but cannot bear the truth he finds.

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