Front cover of science fiction story.

The Girl on the Crystal Tower

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Dorrick, and all of Centorin, had never heard of the city of Bordzvek until they drew near it. TongSu had hardly heard of it in her centuries on Kassidor. When they reached it, they saw immediately that it was one of the greatest cities in all of human space, and they wonder why so little is known about it.

But as they are tying up up at one of the millions of towers that make up the crystal city, someone attempts to jump from a balcony a few floors below. Dorrick soon finds that the girl, as well as the city, reminds him of home, and he gets deeply involved trying to rescue the girl from her demons.

At first they think she is in the grip of mental problems, until her home is put up for sale and her things are moved out. Though he can't prove she didn't do it herself, Dorrick tries to help. In doing so, they stumble across the secret behind the crystal city.

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