Front cover of science fiction murder mystery

The Tdeshi Quest

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Leand was a respected man in the town of Sinbara who befriended Jorma after a bad burn out. Jorma treasured his friendship and the chance for a new start he'd been given.

Then Leand had a beautiful, smart, lusty and driven daughter named Tdeshi who bacame Jorma's lover once she was grown. But after only a year sharing his cabin, she became determined to continue her education in the distant city of Kassidor Yakhan. Neither Jorma nor Leand could convince her to change those plans and his friendship with Leand was hurt when she left. When she erased her mind with the drug called shonggot, that had been the end of his friendship with Leand.

Twenty one decades later, Tdeshi returns, claiming to be Tdeshi's clone daughter raised in the Kassikan. Jorma fears that distant lair of powerful wizards, but is determined to win Tdeshi back in hopes of restoring his friendship with Leand as well as re-living their passionate affair. To do so he must journey with her to the Yakhan and investigate the circumstances of Tdeshi's loss. He must face his fear of the Kassikan and his denial of the role he played in her loss.

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