Back cover of science fiction trilogy volume 2.

Lhar (Back Cover)

Paperback also includes 'Wizard Run'

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In this volume Alan, Desa and Luray make their way from Yoonbarla to Zhlindu. There are many sailor's tales in this volume, from short ones like the one their ship's captain tells, to long ones like 'Wizard Run' that have become a whole separate volume. There is Alfred's trials in getting his own base, there is Ava's trials in trying to penetrate the planet's data system, Desa's trials in trying to break the monogamy cycle with Alan and Luray's trials with withdrawal. There are looks at various local astronomers and wizards trying to make sense of the apparitions in their sky.

They are put into great danger when they escape from an attack by the expedition into the wilds of the basin floor. Almost all the most dangerous carnivores on the planet are found there, making their journey thru the wilds a non-stop battle for survival. Thru all this Alan becomes even more aware of how poorly he was prepared for life on an alien planet.

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