Stories by R. W. Zuidema

The 'Skank' series of military adventure stories follows the life of a socially awkward girl who finds herself as an expert marksman and assassin in the military.

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Heart of the Assassin
In the first volume of the series Millie finds her life shattered after her father's murder. She joins the military where she is trained as a deadly assassin.
Era - 2010-2011ad sex=2 action=9 473p
Skank - Homeland
The second volume in the series finds Millie back home, back from the dead, with people trying to kill her as she is used in many questionable actions on American soil.
Era - 2011ad. sex=1 action=9 339p
Hostile Takeover
In the third installment of the Skank series Millie has been set up by warring factions within the intelligence community. She learns, to her horror, about the REAL center of power in America.
Era - 2012ad. sex=1 action=10 391p
Uncertainty Principle
Out of the Army and out of prison, Millie Willard is finding the normal life was more difficult than it looked. Even without the mad scientist boss, who was trying to take control of everyone’s future.
Era - 2015ad. sex=4 action=9 298p

R. W. Zuidema, an ex Silicon Valley cube dweller now retired, was snookered by a friend into doing the NaNoWriMo challenge. (National Novel Writer's Month) Thus Millicent Abigail Willard was born the helpless recipient of an abundance of frustration, anger and guilt. Friends helped to clean her up, now she lives on as the misfit government assassin, code named Skank.

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