Back cover of science fiction story about enhanced memory

Pieces of Me
(Back Cover)

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This story happens in Kassidor's 45th century, just before the Instinct reaches the Norbin basin so there is the possibility of violence. The flashbacks take us to the 35th century when violence was almost as common as on Earth today. The 45th century is also before the suntowers so there is less communication with other parts of the planet and many areas were unknown to each other. In many other ways the 45th century was modern. There was amplified and recorded music, grown housing and many other things that made the world, and Norbin in particular, look a lot like it does today.

The memory problems of eternal youth are real, and this story explores a few of them. The main one Deneb and Taron came up against is something many will face when aging is cured, probably just as unknowingly as the characters in this tale. When eternal youth is possible, society will face the same problem Norbin did in the 35th century, and we will go thru the same trouble they went thru. We may already be starting it now because we can all be VERY sure that the cure will be hoarded by the wealthy as it was there.

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