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Warning: Adult content.

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Dorrick is restless. He doesn't know if it's TongSu's recuperation, boredom with the farm or boredom with Bordzvek. He knows he feels 'kept' at this farm, no matter how much he tries to help. Most of all he worries if it is boredom with TongSu. He worries that he's seen her thru this convalescence out of guilt. He knows he feels guilt over going to the East Basin and he's faced the fact that he did it for his own adrenaline needs and not Honshu's.

TongSu knows Dorrick is getting bored. She's been more attached than ever since she lost a kidney in the East Basin. She grew more dependent on Dorrick as she healed, and more in awe of a hero who would stick with her thru this. She was now so wrapped up in him that she hardly thought about variety, and had to force herself now that they were on vacation.

In Dorrick and TongSu's sexiest adventure, they find their bonds tested as never before.

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