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Dorrick would do anything in his power but kill to bring the creator of loon to justice. Making the most addictive substance known to man was evil in its own right, but to have done so and gone unpunished was unthinkable. It had taken him almost two standard years to get his cycle down to three weeks so that he had the time to actually research the person who did it. With great difficulty he eventually found the name of its creator and the rumor that his lab had been in the East Wash of Trenst.

While danger from other people was minimal, the East Wash had many other dangers, some mild like getting bombed when passing under an apartment tree without plumbing, to serious like falling victim to predatory fish. The wash is the home of some of the most devious people in the city, but also some of the most helpful. It just wasn't obvious which was which. It didn't matter, he would not be denied, even if it meant leaving TongSu behind at Kahlekmeel with Ression and going off on his own.

Honshu was disturbed by Dorrick leaving, and so was TongSu though she wasn't so vocal about it. She couldn't afford to be, her balloon had gone to seed and she was captive of Kahlekmeel House until the new bag was grown and detached from her root. She was trying hard to fit in at the farm and trying hard to be everything Ression could want, until she found out the truth regarding the 'reality freaks' and the 'loonies.'

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