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On the Horizon

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One's religion is where one hopes to find the Truth. Science is also a place one hopes to find truth. The planet Reddend was settled by Christians from both Earth and Kassidor, the Bible comes from Earth but the Species Immunity Complex comes from Kassidor. The Bible requires chastity, but the Species Immunity Complex requires a variety of sex partners to preserve youth. People have various ways to explain away this disconnect, most having to do with the belief that the Bible was written for ephemerals. Some even feel they are already in Heaven since they are eternal and always walk in the light.

Until now the people of Reddend do not know they had been brought here by a gateship four thousand years ago. They know they first appeared on the planet at a place called Mount Ararat on the isle called Armenia and believe that all history before that has been lost. When Bainee reads some information retrieved from an ancient magic crystal that says the stars seen from the dark side are all suns and Reddend is a tiny backwater world beneath notice by the galaxy, it triggers a lot of thought about their place in the universe and their place in God's eye. It kindles a new desire on her part to reconcile the teachings of Jesus and the works of Brancettrabble.

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