Back cover of science fiction story about racism and utopia

From the Heartland
(Back Cover)

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When a nation's own government begins to teach one faction of its population to hate other factions of the population, civil war and the dissolution of the nation is inevitable. We have come to a point in our history where our irreconcilable differences have completely crippled our nation and soon the remainder of the world will have to intervene under the doctrine of 'too big to fail', leading to the occupation, and the breakup of the nation into three or more parts.

There are many causes, but I think racial bigotry is one of the main ones. Willful ignorance is another as is automation, the confiscation of all wealth by the super rich, internet/social media based propaganda and many others.

In this story we see that what is utopia for some is dystopia for others and vice versa. Personally I would like to see this partition happen quickly and peacefully, allowing us to choose the century of our choice, the 21st or the 19th. Unfortunately powerful men cannot give up people under their control peacefully, and I fear the wars that are history by 2268 are in our near future.

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