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The Foeth Hunter
(Back Cover)

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Like the guide books say, entering the wildhull swamp is almost certain death. But Dorrick has never been influenced by fear, and pressed on even though his guide was addled by a strong hallucinogen. There is a man who lives in this deadly swamp and hunts one of its most dangerous creatures. Video of such a man would certainly pique Centorin blood lust and keep the Centorin wealth flowing.

By the time he understood what drew people to face the horrors of this swamp, it was already too late for him, and he was trapped in something even more fearsome than a dactyl's jaws.

This is primarily an adventure story of man against nature, and man against the terrors in his own mind. A similar terror is faced by many forgotten people on the grimy streets of cities everywhere. This story tries, allegorically, to convey the power of the demons they must face.

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