Front cover of science fiction adventure story.

The Foeth Hunter

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Until now, Hostra Tours had been willing to accept a standard travelog documentary of any place Dorrick went on Kassidor. But now the stargate has been open two years and the public is getting jaded. To keep them interested he is assigned to get more personal with his reports.

TongSu is still happy with her giant from the stars, but as they reached the great swamp city of Trenst, she felt it was time for some casual variety. As luck would have it, she meets a fellow floater enthusiast who's partner knows someone who would make a great human interest story.

Yes, there would be danger recording video of hunting a dangerous predator, but they had faced danger before. TongSu had no idea just how much danger Dorrick would face, not just from the beasts of the deadly swamp, but from the child-like party girl who was paired with the guy she dallied with.

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