The Further Adventures of Desa
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Back cover of science fiction story The Captive House
Desa had been away in the Yakhan a decade and a half. She gets home to find the trusted friend she left to caretake her beloved home had sold it and disappeared, with the help of a dishonest survey clerk. Now she has to find a way to get it back when there is no law to turn to.
Era - 2026ad sex = 4 adventure = 5 85p
The Pass
Desa would follow a beautiful guy like Rendrak anywhere, even though he was dedicated to making the trek across the Kinsheeta waste. Over most of the Kinsheeta the air is too thin to sustain human life, but there is a narrow and difficult passage thru that wasteland that a human can get thru. There are many dangerous forms of life that can live there, even the most dangerous of all, feral humans.
Era - 2212ad sex = 4 adventure = 8 180p
The Perfect Song
Desa had been singing and performing almost all of her life. For five centuries, she thought she was striving for this. As a reporter for an edgy fan magazine in a hard-partying city of over fifty million, Aldya has seen a lot, but this time he thought he had found the real thing. Would a shy hill girl ruin it for both of them?
Era - 3039ad sex = 6 adventure = 6 225p

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