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The Further Adventures of Desa

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Usually Desa leads a rather peaceful life. She's had her share of good times, playing in some country festivals in the Dos basin, some country halls in Wescarp, and an occasional trip to Zhlindu where she often played a few gigs. But most of her life has been spent living simply at her home in Dos or the one in Yoonbarla Vale.

However, there have been some exceptions. The most notable was meeting the first visitor from another star as told in The Second Expedition, but that was not the only time she faced danger and heartbreak. In this volume are three other desperate events in her life.

Desa can look back on these incidents today and understand from hindsight that she got into these scrapes by failing to think thru the consequences or letting her heart lead the way. She's become a little more cautious since, but still retains a bit of the innocence that caused these predicaments. Who knows, some day she might get herself into a bind again?

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