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In the year 5881 the politics of the day is all about the Knights, the Senate, the Guild and the Emperor. After the mechanoid war the Gatekeepers installed a new Emperor who’s court is on a deathstar and not on any world. This ancient former Navigator is elevating the military to a much more active role in the Empire’s rule.

Meanwhile on the ancient, impoverished and primitive planet of Kassidor, the wilds of the huge Ydlontrostl basin have become a haven for many Centorins, as all residents of the Empire are called by the natives of Kassidor. They are here to escape the strife and dominance of their home worlds. The lure is a contagious genetic modification to the population of Kassidor called the Instinct that prevents one human from using force on another.

The people of the basin worry a little about the Centorin presence only a few thousand miles away, but they have not been seriously affected as of yet. However, Dyoniss and Kessil are seriously affected when his father is accused of smuggling large quantities of the antidote to the Instinct, and bodies start appearing close to home.

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