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The Aluminum Quest
(Back Cover)

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This is a sprawling epic taking us from a quiet peasant farm, thru the bustle of Kassidor Yakhan, thru the remote wilds of the Highlands and into the magical realms of the Angels. Eight souls experience much of the same time line, with each one knowing a little more about the events.

Each one of them has a little more to say about the central theme of this saga, just what it is that unites individuals into a functioning society and what type of society is the next step forward in human evolution. A few are conscious of it, but most of them are just trying to live their lives independent of the larger question. Most of them learn truths about themselves in the process, with a character who is not one of the eight perhaps learning the most of all.

This can be read without reading The Tdeshi Quest, but some scenes never closed in The Tdeshi Quest are made clear in here. Some actors in here are never directly explained, it is up to you to figure out the truth of their roles.

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