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The Aluminum Quest

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On the planet of Kassidor, metals are extremely rare and precious. Those that can only be extracted with even rarer energy are even more precious, and people will do almost anything to possess them in spite of incredible danger.

Jorma was lucky to return from the Yakhan with Venna, who was everything Tdeshi was and more. He was lucky to live in the beachfront home left by Ava, the Yingolian sorceress from the Kassikan. He was luckier still to find a fortune in aluminum stuck in the sole of the sandals Ava had bought him. But a visit from a couple from the war world at YingolNeerie showed him that nothing was as it seems.

In this sequel to The Tdeshi Quest, the exiles from Earth face the wrath of the war spawed by contact with the Kassikan. A couple old maps, a receipt for some dusty cargo and a derelict Brazilian starship may be all that stand between Kassidor and extermination by a killer asteroid. Many secretly stuggle for control of that ship, others struggle for control of that asteroid while the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.

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