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Mission Alpha
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The twelfth episode of the Dorrick and TongSu series takes them to a world free of dangerous wildlife. All they intended to do was have dinner, reunite with some old friends and maybe reminicse about some of the harrowing adventures they'd had together both before and after they'd left Centorin.

Instead this becomes their most action-packed adventure. From the time the senator is shot there is non stop action as they must battle their way out of the crime scene as well as in and out of a police station. Then the going gets rough as they are tracked from space and pursued by all the weaponry the most powerful world of 3828ad. can bring to bear.

In this TongSu must face the fact that she always thought this stuff was done with special effects until now, and there is no 'new game' button when she is flying the real thing.

In light of the Citizens United supreme court ruling, we might all have to face the fact that this could be an indication of where were are heading.

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