The Aldeb Wars (Back Cover)

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Back cover of science fiction action adventure story 4108 - The Bugs of Paradise - They have found a perfect world of tropical beaches on islands kept like parks with no animals larger or more dangerous than insects.
4189 - The Emperorís Last War - The Aldebs attack again empire-wide. Is Karmon Valera, the founding emperor of Human Space, up to the task of defending the wealthy from this attack?
4228 - Goodbye, My Queen - The grim fate of Kiandutanís original inhabitants might be the future of mankind if the Texassi goonís cover-up canít be broken.
4236 - A Journey To Hahssa - Is this new assignment deep in the wilds of the most primitive peasant world a chance for new hope for mankind? For Em and her grandson?
4307 - My Child - Her child by the Empireís first emperor was everything to her, but when he was killed in an Aldeb attack, her troubles were only beginning.
4387 - Gateship Nivenís Hammer Determined to turn the tide in the war, Rianten commands the ship that will put mankind back on the offensive.
4517-Welcome Home - It had been a grueling tour and it was good to be home, especially if a great guy wants to move in with you. But it is not good to come home to an Aldeb nest.

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