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The Temple of Karasis is very important to the people of the Ydlontrostl basin. It combines the functions of a religion, a research university, a charitable organization and in some sense a government into one institution. In this ancient and nearly unchanging land it is the pillar of their society, a society that believes society itself is holy.

One of the most delicate services that the Temple of Karasis provides is arbitration of business disputes. The bishops who preside over this arbitration must be above reproach and free of outside pressure. Since the sums of money involved can be substantial, the Temple goes to great lengths to protect the anonymity and integrity of these bishops.

An acolyte auditing the accounts of one of these bishops makes an appointment with an important watchdog agency in the Temple and is murdered before she can report her findings. Dyoniss is called in to investigate, since it seems likely that antidote to the Instinct was used. Not only must he track down the killer, but the corrupt bishop the acolyte was investigating, the one who most likely ordered the murder.

Meanwhile the witch of the ancient windwheel has killed two of her lovers and been killed herself. The owner of Kessil's company knows a movie will be made of these events and wants to put the most positive possible spin on it. To help secure the deal he asks Kessil to impersonate the witch for a scene up on the tower of the ancient windwheel, offering her an important new position in the company if she will do so. Putting her fear and loathing aside she goes to the tower and while there, finds evidence of a Centorin assassin, one who is soon stalking her.

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