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First there was the book, 'The Pod People' written by Yhikhiing thirty something decades ago. Then there was the movie, then the blockbuster remake of the movie starring Aleenya, the actress who gained fame portraying the witch of the ancient windwheel. Now she is also starring in a sequel that promisses to be bigger and bloodier than the remake.

When Dyoniss and Kessil find the sliced open body of one of the zombies from the Pod People movie, they think it is a prop left by the cinema company to publicize the upcomming release, but when it is analyzed in a laboratory, it is determined that the zombie was genetically engineered and could well be spreading in the wilds.

When members of Kessil's former tribe arrive, looking for weapons to defend themselves and the All Basin Powwow where most of the plains tribes have gathered, they realize that this is a much more serious situation than they thought. They find that the movies are all documentaries and people had actually been killed making them. They come to beleive that the cinema company is responsible for these zombies and had deliberately released them into the wild to provide scenes for their movie.

They plan to chase down those responsible, but find that first they must defend the people of the plains from the zombie apocalypse.

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