Free Sci-Fi ebooks -- U - Z

Under the Wormwood Star by Richard Kellie [on line only]

Unhaunting The Hours by Peter Sargent [short]

Unu Lando by Rex Eleven

Uranium Fist by Mark Cantrell Science Fiction / Fantasy / Political - pdf


Vince's Desire by Andrew Starling pdf / doc / txt


Wafflehouse 5 by J.R. Conlin pdf

Wild World by Lee Willard extreme wilderness adventure

Winning Mars by Jason Stoddard

Wires by Harriet Bunting

With a Little Help by Cory Doctorow

Wizard Run by Lee Willard Hunting down an ancient wizard


XIN - The Veiled Genocides by Robert G. Moons Action / Adventure


Yesterday's Gone by Sean Platt

Yoonbarla by Lee Willard Volume one of The Second Expedition


Zendyne by Han Li Thorn Science Fiction / Thriller

Zhlindu by Lee Willard Volume three of The Second Expediton and axle of the Gordons Lamp series

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Military thriller stories by R.W. Zuidema