Free Sci-Fi ebooks

Tails and Fixers by Charles Kaluza

Tales from the Securemarket by Colin Sandel

Tasneem by Karl-Friedrich Lenz Science Fiction / Global Warming - pdf

Tangle in the Dark by Lee Willard dark matter, condensates and the soul

Terran Empire Series by Ann Wilson Leads to a whole free series

TerraRise TRIAGE I by Rowney Marshal [Download issues]

The Aeolian Master - Book One - REVIVAL by John Northern

The Aldeb Wars by Lee Willard War with aliens

The Alpha Centauri Project (Thinking worlds) by Marco Santini Science Fiction / Cyberpunk

The Aluminum Quest by Lee Willard On the nature of society

The Ardly Effect by Gary Baker Science Fiction / Humorous - pdf / Mobi / MS reader / pdf zip

The Ascension Collection by Ewan Sinclair

The Aurora City by E.R. Mason

The Autumn Engagement by Stephen Cote [short]

The Awakened: Book One by Jason Tesar Science Fiction / Fantasy / Military

The Awakening - Ordo Tribus XI by Ethan Santiago

The Best Networker in Babbleon by James Hazard [on line only]

The Biker Wore Red by Casey Pendelton [on line only]

The Book of Adam: Autobiography of the First Human Clone by Robert M. Hopper

The Bright Black Sea by C. Litka

The Cyber Chronicles, Book 1: Queen of Arlin by TC Southwell Science Fiction / Fantasy

The Devil's Concubine by Jill Braden Fantasy / Paranormal

The Dome by Rex Dewan [on line only]

The Dung Ball Chronicles by Wayne V. Miller Social Science Fiction

The Empty Door by E.R. Mason

The Empty Door sequel: The Virtual Dead by E.R. Mason

The Escapist by James Morris

The First Book of Iaddius Ioahann by Chad Lines [on line only]

The First Human War by Frank Calcagno

The First Indigan by Charles Kaluza

The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End by David George Richards

The Foeth Hunter by Lee Willard addiction

The Frontier Archives, Series 1 by Dyego Alehandro Science Fiction / Adventure

The Further Adventures of Desa by Lee Willard Desert survival, fame

The Ghosts of Earth by Paul Dore

The Gift by Gerald A. Whitfield short

The Girl on the Crystal Tower by Lee Willard Irony, humor

The Glass Hummingbird by E.R. Mason

The Great Chain on Urantia by Nicholas P. Peter Snoek [on line only]

The Judge by Egan Yip

The Last Load by Bartholomew Thockmorton

The Last Man by Alfred Noyes [on line only]

The Lodging for the Rose Series by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The Long Walk up from the Beach by Andrew McEwan

The Lost Legend by Richard Alonzo [short]

The Lost Star's Sea by C. Litka

The Machine that Saved the World by Murray Leinster [short]

The Mantooth by Christopher Leadem

The Night of the Long Knives by Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr.

The Offices of M. Coopersmith by Simon Kewin

The Phoenix Conspiracy by Richard L. Sanders

The Planet Strappers by Raymond Z. Gallun

The Price of Ascendance by Matt Sayer

The Press at Honaseka by Lee Willard Becoming eternal

The Psychian Chronicles - Book 1 - Kimoshiran Form by Timothy Bryant

The Replica by Ferro Gabro [short]

The Revolutions of Time by Jonathan Dunn

The Right People by Adam Rakunas [short]

The Runaway Asteroid by Michael D. Cooper

The Runner by Peter Ponzo

The Second Expedition by Lee Willard Discovering the planet the hippies came from

The Secret of Mount Traygol by Lee Willard Human's place in the galaxy

The Sex Slaves of Borlunth by Lee Willard On the treatment of women

The Shadow of Armageddon by Jim LeMay

The Sky that Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black by Jay Lake [on line only]

The Soul Bottles by Jay Lake [short]

The Soul Reader by Bonnie Hatley-Oesch

The Tdeshi Quest by Lee Willard Murder mystery where murder is impossible

The Telstar by Samuel Addison

The Time Axis by Henry Kuttner

The Time of the Attack by Greg Ellis

The Undeniable Labyrinth by A.A. Roi [on line only]

The Universe - or Nothing by Meyer Moldeven

The Wailing Asteroid by Murray Leinster

The Wandering Island Factory by TR Nowry

The War of Civlar by Isuru Abeysinghe

The Warden Threat by David Morrese Science Fiction / Fantasy / Humour

The Yeoman of England by Christopher Nuttall Science Fiction / Military

They Call the Wind Muryah by Gregory Marshall Smith

Thicker Than Blood by M.A. Newhall

Third Planet Space Monkey Experiment by Jan Atle Ramsli [on line only]

This Blue Ball by Wayne Miller Science Fiction / Social

THOUGHT FORMATION : Into The Dimension Of Mind by Gary Brandt Post Apocalyptic [on line only]

Thoughtcrime Experiments by Various Authors

Throwing Snowballs at Xanadu by Bartholomew Thockmorton [short]

Thump by Andrew McEwan

Timely Persuasion by Jacob LaCivita [on line only]

To the Stars by Thomas Stone

Too Boldly Gone by Merik Katuryan [on line only]

Transplant by David Moreton

Troika by Hersch L. Zitt Science Fiction / Spy

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