Free Sci-Fi ebooks -- N - R

Nanowhere by Chris Howard

Never the Twain by Simon Stanton [short][on line only]

Nexus by Robert Boyczuk


Oberheim (Voices) by Christopher Leadem

OKangKhone by Lee Willard friendly adventure, mystery

One World by J. Buchanan

Ong's Hat: Incunabula by Joseph Matheny

Oolite Saga by Drew Wagar

Our Extraterrestrial Neighbors by Shelton Ranasinghe


Paranormal Activities Unit by Chris Slusser

Penumbra: Life After Life by Garth Erickson [on line only]

Phantom Universe by Laura Kreitzer

Pieces of Me by Lee Willard Outliving your memory

Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison

Please Step Out of the Vehicle by A. A. Roi [on line only]

Prey World series by Alexander Merow

Project Tickle by Dimitris Christou

PsycheSomatic TRIAGE II by Rowney Marshal [Download issues]

Psychonaut by K.Z. Freeman

Psychonaut: The Nexus by K.Z. Freeman


Races of Armis - Midnight Oasis by Deb Sartoris

Ragabout Che by Audrey Fuerle [on line only]

Ravaging Myths by Frederick Marshall Brown Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Suspense - pdf

Rebels by Richard Alonzo

Reclaimed by Elimelec Gonzalez-Roman

Replica by Ferro Gabro

Requiem by B. Scott Tollison

Revolution by Paul Palmer-Nelson

RiskAVerse by Rowney Marshal [Download issues]

Rocket Fuel by Andrew McEwan

Roo'd by Joshua Klein

Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capek

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