Free Sci-Fi ebooks -- G - M

Galaxy of Heroes by Gus Flory

Gamers Gate by J. Scott Garibay

Gamma Nine (Book 1) by Christi Smit

Girl From the Stars Book 1 - Daybreak by Cheree Alsop

Godship by Peter Ponzo

Godspeed Inc.: A Naomi Kinder Adventure by Vincent Miskell

Gormglaith by Heidi Wyss

Governor's Tribute by Sharon l. Reddy

Gravity's Angel by Tom Maddox

Grunt RX-10 by Martin Kolacek Science Fiction / Humour

Guardian Awakening by C. Osborne Rapley


Hacking the Sun by Mario Brash

HADRON Dark Matter by Stephen Arseneault

His Robot Girlfriend by Wesley Allison

Home Again, Home Again by Cory Doctorow [short]

Human Company by Robert Petty


I / D by Leon Berger

I of the Storm by James E. Bond [On line only]

I-Mage TRIAGE III by Rowney Marshal [Download issues]

Ice Cracker II by Lindsay Buroker

IceFlight by Casey Lea

Imagiscape by Sharon L. Reddy

In Less than a Second by Kerry Dennis pdf

In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls by David George Richards

Innocence by C. Nault and M. Findley

INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY (Cold Case: Commander Adam S. Appel) by J. Ray Paradiso Science Fiction / Mystery / Interactive


Johnny Winger and the Serengeti Factor by Philip Bosshardt

Jumping Barrel by Cynthia sax Short


Kindred Spirits by Ashanti Luke

Knight Progenitor by Sharon L. Reddy

Knowing Zip by Cynthia Sax Short


Lise by DM Arnold

Living History by Ben Essex

Lodestone Book One: The Sea of Storms by Mark Whiteway

Loonmaster by Lee Willard

Lords of Kobol series by Edward T. Yeatts III

Lost in Darkness and Distance by P.L. Bogen

Luminance by Andreas Ingo pdf

Lunara: Seth and Chloe by Wyatt Davenport

L'Gem by Sharon L. Reddy


Makers by Cory Doctorow

Man in the Moon by Bradley Pearce

Mariposa by B.B. Irvine

Married to the Trillionaires by Ella Mansfield

Max Arena by Jaime Doyle

MeMoreAble by Rowney Marshal [download issues]

Metafire by Robert Thibadeau [on line only]

Mindforger by K.Z. Freeman

Mind Games by David George Richards

Mission Alpha by Lee Willard Military sci-fi

Monsterland by Shaun Whittington

Motherload by David Collins-Rivera Science Fiction / Detective

My Own Kind of Freedom by Steven Brust

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