Free Sci-Fi ebooks -- D - F

Dangerous Rainbows by James Ashman

Daddy's Caliban by Jay Lake [short]

Dark Resurrection by Lee Willard Tolkien fan fiction

Daughter of Orion by Alfred D. Byrd

Day of the Moron by H. Beam Piper [short]

Dead Dwarves, Dirty Deeds by Derek J. Canyon [short]

Death Jag by A.C. Ellis

Deep Base by JMG Productions [On line only]

Defective by Sharon Boddy

Deviations Series by Elissa Malcohn

Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall by Thomas P. Hopp

Diversion by Becky Miller

Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass by Andy Lane

Doctor Who and the Sands of Time by Justin Richards

Dominion by J.L. Bryan [small button at bottom of page]

Don't Shoot the Messenger by Daniel Grant Newton [On line only]

DoriaN A by Jon Jacks Young Adult / Science Fiction / Fantasy

Driftmetal by J.C. Staudt Science Fiction / Steampunk / Cyberpunk / Adventure / Suspense

Dump Miner by J.V. Errichetti [On line only]


Earthbound Series by DM Arnold

Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow

Elegy by Philip Pham [On line only]

Enhanced by Ralph LeRoy Jones, Jr. [On line only]

Entropy of Imagination by Ryan Somma Science Fiction / Internet

Everyone in Silico by Jim Munroe

Exiles by Richard Alonzo

Expressions of Freedom by Gareth Lewis [short]

Eye of the Ocean by Laurel Hickey Science Fiction / Fantasy / Trilogy - pdf


Faster than Light series by Malcolm Pierce

Fatal Boarding by E.R. Mason

Flight Without Limits by Rolf A. F. Witzsche [On line only]

For the Win by Cory Doctorow

Forbidden Outpost by Tony Rubolotta

Forge of Stones by Vasileios Kalampakas

Fort Falling: Comments on Life in Orbital Decay by Darryl Branning

Free Radical by Shamus Young

Freedom Incorporated by Peter Tylee

From the Heartland by Lee Willard Utopia, Racism

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