Free Sci-Fi ebooks -- 0 - C

2012: The Last Will and Testament of the Gods by Mike Cooper

2023 by Dr. John Ivan Coby [on line only]

2052 - The Hawking Plan by Ira Glickstein [on line only]


A Dry Seed by Lee Willard Introduction to The Second Expedition [short]

A Guiding Light by Gerard A. Whitfield

A Planet in the Middle of Nowhere - Book 1 by DRK

A Vessel for Offering by Darren R. Hawkins

Accelerando by Charles Stross

Acolyte by Lee Willard sci-fi mystery

Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg

Aerophilia by Tobias Buckell [short]

After Life by Simon Funk

After the Siege by Cory Doctorow [on line only]

Alien Cradle by Jeff Inlo lit / pdf / pda

Alive on Opening Day by Adam Hughes

Alone Again Or by Michael Bassette

AmerIndian 2192 by J. Scott Garibay

AMuseMeant by Rowney Marshal [download issues]

An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt [on line only]

An Obsidian Sky by Ewan Sinclair

...And Devious the Line of Duty by Tom Godwin

". .. .And Gulliver Returns" --In Search of Utopia-- by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

Antidote by Lee Willard sci-fi, romance, mystery, adventure

Any Coincidence Is by Daniel Callahan

Appeals Court by Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow

Astounding Worlds by Kirk Straughen [Short] [on line only]

Aupes by Les Broad

Automatic Assassin by Marc Horne

Awake by Egan Yip


Beautiful Red by M. Darusha Wehm

Beyond Mars Crimson Fleet by RG Risch

Binary by Jay Caselberg

Birdie Down by Jim Graham Science Fiction / Military

Black Hole Drive by W. Strawn Douglas

Black Star series by John W. Campbell

Blindsight by Peter Watts

Bob Moore: No Hero by Tom Andry Sci Fi / Fantasy / Detective / Thriller

Boom Boom Kitty by GS Monks [On line only]

Boom Boom Kitty 2 by GS Monks [On line only]

Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino by Peter Stuart Fothergill [on line only]

Bozo and the Storyteller by Tim Glaister

Brain Twister by Gordon Randall Garrett

Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede by Bradley Denton


Cactus Land by Robert Bonomo Dystopian / Literary Fiction

Caffeine by Ryan Grabow pdf

Chaos Chronicles: Neptune Crossing by Jeffrey A. Carver

Chasing the Jewelled Throne by r.a. Ben Miller

Chion by Darryl Sloan pdf

Ch05En: Episode 1 by William Dickstein Science Fiction / Superhero

Clones by Ryan Somma Science Fiction / Speculative

Code Three by Rick Raphael

Colony: Alchibah by a collective effort [On line only - blog format]

Crystal Nights by Greg Egan pdf

C.S. Lewis' Science Fiction Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis [On line only]

C.S. Lewis' Science Fiction Trilogy: Perelandra by C.S. Lewis [On line only]

C.S. Lewis' Science Fiction Trilogy: That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis [On line only]

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