On Ligitus Beach

This picture shows a scene on Ligitus Beach in the Yakhan on a Morningday evening. The beach is not as crowded as it will be in early Afternoonday, but there are still enough people out to get a general idea of what the scene is like. Most people are strolling and mingling. The water in the lake is relatively cool and the air temperature is not that hot yet, so no one is in the water. The beach is the second most likely place to meet for sex after an actual sex club.

The people in the foreground are all Highland Elves or part Nordic, and fairly typical of the Yakahn's population. The exception is the guy in the middle, who is probably a native of Kinunde and may be in the Yakhan as a tourist.

Ligitus beach is probably the least 'developed' in the Central Yakhan area. There are not a lot of vendors on the beachfront, there are no crystal buildings and the apartment trees generally have six to eight floors of habitation.