The ceremony of evening, marking Kortrax's departure for the dark. The cermony is very simple, get naked in his sight and hold your hands aloft as he crosses the horizon. Both Kortraxian and Scientific Kortraxian faiths use the ceremony, though Scentific Kortraxian's know the sun is but a symbol for all of nature. Performing this is not as easy as you might think, Kortrax takes fourteen minutes to cross the horizon. There is no guide or priest in the Kortraxian faith, scientific or not.

This particular event is happening in the eastlands of the Elven Highlands, we are looking across Center Lake from only a couple hundred miles north of the equator. This spot has no particular significance to the faith, this is just a group of friends who were on the beach that day and had a good enough time that they were moved to give thanks for the day and the world they live in.