Omiron's Raid on Plauwlie

In the entire history of Kassidor, the wizard Omiron was one of the few to ever achieve mastery over a dactyl. The technique he used has been lost, but most who study the period believed he implanted fine electrodes directly in the brain. All genetic attempts to make dactyls tractable have failed.

Using them, he briefly established an empire in western Elevnos and the north parts of Wescarp. This was just after the breakout during the early 31st century, when the Dwarves were first moving into Wescarp and the entire Zhlindu basin floor was flooded. The ruins of the old keep, that can barely be discerned from the moss around them today, were fresh-quarried stone at the time and the ancient bridge still stood so you didn't have to climb up those immense wooden steps from the village below.

Incidently, Omiron's raid on the castle was unsuccessful. His sun sword was bled of it's charge before he felled many of Plauwlie's bowmen, and he turned back when his dactyl took two arrows. In two centuries the Dwarven kings would extend their domain to all of Wescarp's mountains and Omiron's empire would fall. He too was felled by Nordic pitchforks when his castle in Elevenos was finally stormed, seven mortal generations after the time of this picture.