Sunrise in Zhlindu

View of sunrise over downtown Zhlindu on the planet Kassidor

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This is Kortrax seen coming up over West Harborwall, the Karthuum Valley and the Central Fastness as seen from a floater about five hundred feet above the Kimoneeya. The back side of West Beachwall is in the foreground with the back sides of West Harbor in the middle distance. This was taken on an especially warm dawn in mid summer, week Kivundeer. It was 81F (27C) at the time and would get to 106F (41C) by Afternoonday. The Dawnwind is active at this time so most of the traffic is leaving the harbor. Entering is a fairly difficult tack at this time of the week, but aided by the current which pulls traffic into the harbor at all times of the week.

This is a mild telephoto image in which the shadowed areas have been lightened to show more detail. In the higher resolution images it is possible to see a little more detail of the vangs, especially on Rankor Hill, and some of the activity on the docks. The docks in Zhlindu are busy at all hours of the week, but the back docks that can be seen in this view are not as busy as those on the main waterfronts. West Harbor is the main nexus for trade with Wescarp, Elevnos and the Kyeb and Highlands basins. Thus this is the busiest of the three main harbors.

This image dates from the Starship Age (2271-2464ad.). In recent times some of the details have changed but the most noticeable change is that some of the streetcar bridges now have tubeways above or below them, and a few taller crystal buildings reach above the treeline. Even today there are very few motorized ships in the Zhlindu basin.

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Aerial View of Zhlindu

Aerial view of downtown Zhlindu on the planet Kassidor

This is downtown Zhlindu as seen from about a mile above Imoneeya Island to the south of downtown. It is looking northwest about three hours before sunset. This image dates from early in Kassidor's 103rd century, about 800 years later than the picture above. The blocks of the Eastern slope are prominent. Also visible is the top of the Eastern Breech, a big vang that comes up from the south. Most of the shipping is too small to see at this resolution. Rankor Hill is in the distance with Yornakite Pinnacles beyond. The Karthuum Valley is between the South Fastness and Rankor Hill. The Hyadrain Valley is mostly hidden beyond the North Fastness but the towers along the Grand Canal can be seen beyond.