Map of the Kyeb basin

The Kyeb Basin

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Most of this basin involves life along the Cutaiyaa and Kimoneeya Rivers and their tributaries. They are flat water in all but their upper reaches and are the transportation and cultural backbone of the basin. Because it is blessed with these rivers, this basin has the least canals of all the populated basins.

The people are mostly of Dwarf and Elvish ancestry, with some hotbloods and a sizeable population of Goblins in the valley west of the upper Kimoneea.


Before and during the Energy Age, the region was prehistoric. It was mainly desert and scrubland, the great rivers were not present and what people there were, were bushmen related to the Nordic tribes of Elevnos. The glideway from Dempala to the Tduun did not pass thru the area, and the events of those days bypassed this area as completely as they did the present day Highlands.

After the Wars of Magic, the Kyeb basin was one of the first places settled by Dwarves fleeing the Orcs that had taken over much of the Old Midlands. They established several kingdoms in the Venefec hills by the beginning of the 30th century (about 1800bc. on Earth). At the time these hills were the only part of the basin with sufficient water for human settlement, though the darks are cold enough that growing onions sometimes took protection from frost.

When the breakout occurred, the fortunes of the area changed because there was suddenly ample rainfall. The Kimoneeya was over 100 miles wide for over 100 Earth years with a current too strong to navigate for the first few dozen years. The Dwarves expanded their holdings thruout the basin, and their kingdoms increased in number and strength.

Because of the horrors of wars of magic, all other races were ruthlessly excluded from the basin thruout the Troubled Times, especially the Elves. The Goblins under King Merciless were able to win part of the northern basin, but that was only because all the Dwarven states were concentrating so completely on holding back the Elves that they almost considered the Goblins to be allies.

Once modern times began, around the Earth year zero, the Dwarves laid down their arms and grudgingly allowed some Elvish settlements in the area. Suspicion of all things Elvish remained for centuries however, and this basin was slower than the ones around it in adopting the advances in agriculture and medicine being made in those times. Religious fanatics tried to prevent their people from adopting the eternal youth which was readily available at the time. These fanatics actually hastened their own downfall because too many young men went over to the Elves in search of eternal youth and the pretty and promiscuous Elvish women (then called Nymphs).

With the completion of the lake, the trickle of Elves into the area became a flood as Highland Elves began moving in. Again it was the tiny babies produced by Elf women that allowed them to have dozens of children that overwhelmed the opposition. In the early 45th century (~700ad) one of the last kings of Venefec was able to gather an army and attempted to push the Elves out of the hills, abandoning the remainder of the basin. By then too much of the population had contracted the peace plague spread by the Elves and his campaign amounted to little more than a spate of rude name calling. Soon after that, the Instinct spread thru the area and all chance at resistance was lost.

In little time the population became homogenized, so many slender and lithe freckly redheads are found here today. There are still some near pureblood Dwarf villages in the hills, but the rancor is gone and the basin has belatedly moved into the modern age.


Economically this is one of the most primitive basins. There are no energy sources, most country people still use chamber pots and outhouses, wagons are rough-sawn and many homes are still made from planks. There are annual celebrations with costumes, parades and speeches in many villages. Agriculture uses modern seeds but primitive hand-powered irrigation where required.

If you want to see what Kassidor was like four thousand years ago, a ride thru the countryside can give you a good idea. There are two or three places along the Cutaiyaa where you can rent a bicycle. Otherwise youíll have to learn to ride a keda. That is generally easier than riding a horse, but they do not take bits and whips at all. (If you whip a keda heíll grab you off his back, smack you around a bit and leave you there, unless heís in a foul mood.) You have to learn a few basic hand signals and learn to give them some respect. That animal may be smarter than the guy who rented him to you. You probably wonít find a coach for hire in the area, but your Centorin wealth might convince a farmer to take you out for a bone-jarring ride on his buckboard.

On the southern plains there are lots of cattle drives and the theirops is a constant threat. A few kranjans also inhabit the region and quibarta are common. Only enter that region mounted, armed, and in the company of a guide. There are hunting safariís you can sign up for if you want to go after big game, but you will be in the wilds in conditions reminiscent of the paleolithic period.

There are no big cities in the basin other than Kyeb itself, but the towns along the river are fun and more-or less civilized. Vimprel-Ra, Hahzvenefec and Tindotn are the only other settlements of over a million. There are inns with running water and the high class ones will have foot-pump spray toilets instead of rags. The real cheap ones will expect you to bring you own rag and might even have an outhouse.

Many of the women in the basin are especially lusty, even by Kassidorian standards, but unless sheís pretty affluent, youíre better off staying at the inn with her. If she turns out to be more than you can handle, donít say we didnít warn you.

People drink a lot in this basin, both yaag and beer. The beer is warm and they like it dark and thick and foamy. Out in the country villages you'll find beer, yaag and jel, a psychedelic made from klizhorn brain with the effect of psilocybin mushrooms of Earth life. In the river towns youíll find Tpsii (~LSD), boost and even stronger amphetamines. Be sure you ask whatís in anything you take.

The climate, especially along the Kimoneeya when 61 Cygni is active, is quite steamy. If you are used to the climate of Kex, you might want to consider seeing medical help with it. Many Afternoondays can reach 110F (43C) and the humidity will be 70% or more. This is worse than it seems because the city of Kyeb is nearly three miles below sea level and the air holds much more heat. Consequently, nudity is more common that any basin but Darceen. People conduct business in the nude, go shopping in the nude, serve you lunch in the nude. On Morningdays and Nightdays itís cool enough for skirts and clouts, or a thin shirt.

Kyeb City

Currently we don't have a map available for the only big city in this basin.

Kyeb is the beach city. There are miles of beaches along the Kimoneeya, which is wide enough at this point that you can't see the far shore. The city's docks are on the Cutaiyaa. The water temperature is a refreshing (compared to the air) 86F (30C) so many people spend a lot of time in it.

All the high-class residences are along the beach, making a wall about 50 stories tall that stretches about 25 miles. They may be tiny spaces, or they may be large and lavish for the really wealthy. There are many levels of streets in the beachwall, but only 7 elevators as of 4100ad. The newest was put into operation about 100 years before the first human foot reached Centorin. More than 80 people have been killed by broken cables since the stargate opened.

Sex on the beach is a way of life in Kyeb, if you don't want to see it, don't go there. No, not everyone does it, but enough do that you'll spot several couples from anywhere you stand. Many draw cheering spectators. Many shout, 'I'm next'. The drug semphaneet is prevalent. That is a substance that gives one unending sexual desire and stamina, but can leave you sore for days after. Beyond that, many have been genetically enhanced and many of both sexes are proud to show off that fact.

You will find many people on the beaches who are much more decorous than that. Many are quite pretty and most will be sociable. Since you can't get this far without knowing the language, you'll be able to converse with them. Don't expect the same level of education and sophistication you find in the Yakhan. Most will not have heard of Centorin and those that have probably don't believe it is real. They might not take you seriously if you insist on it. Just let it go.

The sports in the torrock family are played on the beach (even in this heat) and if you like watching pretty, naked girls and boys getting sweaty, they won't mind. If you haven't gotten some kind of biological help with the heat, we don't recommend you join in, even if asked. Even if you're in otherwise great shape, in this heat and gravity you'll likely end up face down on the sand and cause a scene.

Most of the culture in the city is along the beach. The music owes a lot to Zhlindu, which is only a local year or two away on a sailing vessel. There is also a lot of what we would call 'disco' and some of it is loud. The Kyeb basin doesnít really have its own cinematic industry with Zhlindu so close by, other than some really raunchy porn. The Instinct prevents violence in real life, but not in special effects. Most of the better class porn shown here was made in Zhlindu. If you're not going to to travel on to Zhlindu, catch some of the movies from that basin while you are here. (Not that you wonít find them in the Yakhan if you look.) They are good and not available to the general public on Centorin because of the dress codes.

Kyeb is one of the few places on Kassidor (the Korst is another) where you can find a really good steak. It will be thick and juicy and grilled over select woods. In most places it will be accompanied by a vegetable slurry that will remind you of cooked coleslaw. You can skip that for a day or two, but if you keep going to steak houses, that is your only soom and you will not receive proper nutrition.

If you like warm dark beer with lots of flavor and bite, spend some time in Kyeb city. They do cool it a little using water exposed to the dark sky during Dawnsleep, but that gets it down under 80F (27C). Besides being tasty and full bodied, the stuff is strong so be careful how many you have. If you're high in the city, watch out you don't go over the rail.

The Yaag in Kyeb is not as pleasant tasting as that found in the Yakhan, but much of it is as strong. A lot of it is laced. Better ask before you try a new tap, especially if there are a lot of motionless people sprawled around the room. Along the docks the yaag is more likely to be safe than along the beach.

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