An Agrarian Economy

The picture is the same for economy because agriculture is such a large part of Kassidor's economy. It is the largest part of Kassidor's money economy, though 85% of Kassidor's agriculture is outside the money economy.

By Kassidorian standards these are large farms and they are all growing commercial crops. (Typical farmland doesn't look like farmland to a Centorin because of the small plots, and thus wouldn't look like agriculture.) The icicles from the fence lines alone are more than the local population can eat. There is a whole field with no house at all. It is probably being worked commercially by one of the neighbors.

Though Kassidor has half the Empire's population and the tube comes up in the center of the planet's largest city, the largest part of Kassidor's export economy is agricultural products. The fields shown in this picture are fifteen thousand miles from the gatehead, but the Yakhan is in a climate zone only slightly less humid and has thousands of miles of similar farmland surrounding it.