Thin Rolls in Choi Sauce

In some ways this is a typical lunch or dinner in the city of Zhlindu. In thin rolls the stuffing is mainly a meat mixture called 'trap' though in the city it is most likely kvarit and not varmints trapped in the garden. In thicker rolls the lon is likely shredded and mixed into the rolls and not served on the side.

Parmu is cooking down in Hakencourt itself these days and not up on the roof-plaz as he was when he knew Alan and Desa. When he learned we had sent a photographer all the way from the stargate, he insisted on setting up this spread and chasing everyone else away from the table. He still has vague memories of Alan and thinks knowing the first person to reach Kassidor from another world is the biggest thing that ever happened in his life. He credits Alan and Desa with inspiring him to kick his norrot addiction.

In a normal Afternoonday lunch hour the table would be crowded and there would be no place mat. There is a trick to catching a thin roll with the prong, but it is easier to master than chopsticks. Most 'zhlindu rolls' as they are called in the Highlands are served without sauce and eaten with the fingers, in Zhlindu also.

The cup is a 'house cup' from a kegman also set up in Hakencourt. The 'World's Best Yaag' is now produced in much larger quantities than in Alan's time and can be found over much of downtown Zhlindu. The glow is not as obvious as it is in a darkened room or during Nightday. Unfortunately our photographer's photomultiplier did not survive the trip (a storm on the Cutaiaa Arm was bad enough that the photographer almost didn't survive the trip) and the picture had to be taken during daylight.