After the Fall

This painting was done in Yondure in the early 25th, about 600 Earth years after the Fall. In it is a view of Little Yondure Island and a couple of the multi-mile high towers, four of which still stand today. The artist was trying to signify the desolation felt by the majority of the survivors once the Golden Age ended, though most had already forgotten it by then. The point on which the artist sat is now part of the Yondure Dam. At the time the picture was painted the sea had already receded from this area, and he signified it with the white plain and the open drain. In reality at the time, the area was a mudflat. In modern times the dam has made a lake of what was once Yondure Bay. In modern times only a desolate salt flat remains of the once broad ocean that filled half the Yondure basin. One of Dempala's floating fortresses is seen in the sky, though none remained when the painting was done and in reality the superstructures hung down from the gas bag.

The condition of the painting is actually remarkable considering it's age. In Earth years it was done in 1968bc. It was lost, buried in some of the cubic miles of unexplored ruins that cover the Yondure area, for over four thousand Earth years.