Commercial Agricultural Land

This picture on the reverse is some farmland in the middle Bordzvek basin. We are a thousand miles up the Great Bordz, Mount Foorstar is sixty miles down river behind the fog bank.

Most of the people in this area are living in multibreak hangleaves, the right end of the closest home is of some age. The fields in the forground are larger than average for Kassidor. Most of the local population actually lives on the streets coming up from the river, or in the village of Myondobba which is down the canal where the lock is. That is how the majority of agricultural land on Kassidor looks, especially in the Highlands. There is a public tap run by one of the big clans half way to the village.

People here are growing commercial quantities of rinko, orangenarc and fallon. Many have icicles marking their boundaries, others are lined with leshin. The vedn has just been picked in this area. A couple of the kedas are into the rinko, but when there is this much available there’s no harm in letting them have all they want. The clan keeping those kedas is still at their Noonsleep in the cool of their underground house by the road. Afternoonday has begun for most people here and a few are already out.

Gnarl covers the ancient volcanic vents that pepper large regions of the Bordz basin. The surface of the Bordz is just above Earth’s sea level in this picture, as far as the Mississippi at Memphis.