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Lee Willard at the homestead

Lee Willard at the homestead - Oct 2014

The Science-Fiction stories and images on this site are:

Copyright 2014 Lee Willard.

The Kassidor handbook and the stories found on this site are works of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people, places or institutions are purely coincidental.

The fictional world of Kassidor at 61 Cygni and the premise that the cultural changes of the 1960's were caused by contact from that world is a creation of Lee Willard. Other works of fiction alluded to in Kassidorian history are not property of Lee Willard and no claim to those works is made. The views expressed on this website or in the stories on this web site are not necessarily the views of any of the authors of the works alluded to.

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Your privacy is important to us. We promise to never send you unsolicited mail or messages. If your message requests a response, such as asking when the next Dorrick and TongSu episode is coming out, we may have time to do so. We will not post your comments on this site without your permission. We will not post your name or address unless you contribute content to this site and ask to be credited. We will never disclose your name or address to a third party.

We welcome links from other sites in the science-fiction community and will be happy to reciprocate. We will not intentionally link to any malware sites but will not be held liable for the actions of others. We will remove any malicious sites from our links if notified.

This site is implemented with old technology for three main reasons.

1. It is much easier to implement, much cheaper to implement and much easier to maintain. This is a 'hobby' site and not a commercial endeavor. What remains of it still operates well on the average computer. We have friends who's connection to the internet is too old to use this site (still on dial-up), and other's who's connection to the net is too new to use this site very well (smartphones). Revising this site to make it more readily accessible to all is not only expensive, but leads to the second reason for this technology.

2. The modern 'build on the fly' technology is more demanding of resources, not just from our hosting service, but from your connection. They are also more prone to problems, and may be more prone to security problems. There is little flash and dazzle to hide behind in this ancient technology. We do not gather images and code from all over the web, everything here is simple as it looks.

3. The material on this site is probably of more interest to those of us who have survived the 60's, or at least the 90's, and this quiet and calm format may be a welcome relief from the epileptic-seizure-causing flash and dazzle of today's websites. Kassidor is a slow paced pastoral world and this is more in keeping with that mentality.

Any updates we make to this site will continue that philosophy. We will attempt to keep it viable as long as possible as technology advances. The main thing I wish we could add is more art work, if there are any other hobbyists out there who have scenes they'd like to get on-line, and have any chance at looking like a scene from Kassidor, we'll probably have room for them.

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